Zach Wilson: Elite NFL Throws – Part 2

This is Part 2 of the article on Elite Throws from Zach Wilson. 8) This is just a beautiful play all around, and Wilson absolutely looks like a stud QB on the play.   The most impressive aspect of the play is the eye manipulation towards the middle field safety, until his receiver gets behind him. Continue reading “Zach Wilson: Elite NFL Throws – Part 2”

Zach Wilson: Elite NFL Throws – Part 1

The series of articles might present a negative light towards Zach Wilson, mainly because the hype on him is insane right now.  One of the main purposes of this series is to point out that Zach Wilson is not a perfect prospect, and he has many concerning flaws.  It’s not to say that he doesn’tContinue reading “Zach Wilson: Elite NFL Throws – Part 1”

Zach Wilson: Receiver Bail-Out

In today’s article, we look at plays where Wilson made a bad throw or read, but the receiver bailed him out.  The BYU receivers are better than what many people credit them for, and two of them should be drafted into the NFL at some point.  This article goes with the theory that Wilson wasContinue reading “Zach Wilson: Receiver Bail-Out”

Zach Wilson: Scrambling

There have been glimpses of the issues facing Wilson in terms of his NFL stardom, so it’s time to look at the positive aspects.  In this article, we’re diving into his athleticism and how he fits the mold of the evolving landscape of QBs in the league. First of all, there needs to a discussionContinue reading “Zach Wilson: Scrambling”

Zach Wilson: Why This Decision?

We are further diving into concerns about Zach Wilson, and today the focus is upon a few baffling decisions.  I wanted to highlight a couple of the issues that do pop up on film, and paint a larger picture of the consistent problems in terms of pocket presence and decision making.  This is just aContinue reading “Zach Wilson: Why This Decision?”

Zach Wilson Scouting: Stare Down Passing

As the 2021 NFL Draft approaches for the New York Jets, there is much debate on who GM Joe Douglas should pick with the second overall pick.  In this series, I am going to argue, it should NOT be Zach Wilson.  Do not get me wrong, he is a talented QB with considerable upside, butContinue reading “Zach Wilson Scouting: Stare Down Passing”