Zach Wilson: Scouting Report Summary

Now that you read through all of those game film breakdowns, let’s get down to the scouting report.  Once again, just reminding folks, this is my opinion, and there is no guarantee that I’m right.  Also, when mentioning the Jets offense, it is based on the presumption it will be run similar to the ShanahanContinue reading “Zach Wilson: Scouting Report Summary”

Zach Wilson Scouting: USC (2019) Part 1

In this article, we are going to break down Zach Wilson’s game against USC in 2019, and see how well he did.  1) The first pass of the game, and the breakdown is simple, this is just a bad pass.  The read on this play is simple, USC shows single high safety that is linedContinue reading “Zach Wilson Scouting: USC (2019) Part 1”

Zach Wilson Scouting: Tennessee (2019) Part 3

This is Part 3, please check out Part 1 and 2. 17) Now back to the negative play again in the rollercoaster article. This is hesitancy from Wilson that blows up this play.  He has the tight end wide open down the seam, and he’s looking right at that route but doesn’t pull the trigger. Continue reading “Zach Wilson Scouting: Tennessee (2019) Part 3”

Zach Wilson Scouting: Tennessee (2019) Part 2

This is Part 2, please check out Part 1. 9) There is some good and bad to this play, so we will go through them both. The bad aspect of this play is that Wilson stares down this route from the get go, which is a bit concerning because it once again plays into theContinue reading “Zach Wilson Scouting: Tennessee (2019) Part 2”

Zach Wilson Scouting: Tennessee (2019) Part 1

In this article, we are going to be breaking down the BYU game against the University of Tennessee.   The Vols had a relatively decent defense, and they are playing at home.  1) The first pass of the game, and all kinds of things to break down.  First of all, Tennessee is basically screaming slot blitzContinue reading “Zach Wilson Scouting: Tennessee (2019) Part 1”

Zach Wilson Scouting: Utah (2019) Part 2

This is Part 2, so please check out Part 1 prior to reading this article. 11) Once again, we see the far hash mark to field side boundary throw, albeit this is defended really well.  We see Utah playing shell games again, showing man coverage, and switching to zone at the last second.  Now watchContinue reading “Zach Wilson Scouting: Utah (2019) Part 2”

Zach Wilson Scouting: Utah (2019) Part 1

In this article, we break down the game Wilson had vs. Utah in 2019.  It’s not broken down into categories, because the 2019 film is going to be a game-by-game analysis.  BYU faced good competition in 2019, so it should serve as an indicator of how well Wilson performs vs. good defenses.  The examples areContinue reading “Zach Wilson Scouting: Utah (2019) Part 1”

Zach Wilson: Explain This Defense

In this article, we are going to explore some baffling decisions by the defenders that BYU faced this year.  Part of the negative outlook on Wilson from my viewpoint stems from the level of competition he faced in 2020, which props up his stats.  The main reason for the disparity in talent stemmed from theContinue reading “Zach Wilson: Explain This Defense”

Zach Wilson: Interceptions/Possible Interceptions

As fans we do have a tendency to play box score scouting, which is to essentially let the final results dictate our perception of a player.  Generally, numbers do paint a true picture, but can omit outlying factors that may have contributed to the statistics.  Look no further than Sam Darnold and his statistics ifContinue reading “Zach Wilson: Interceptions/Possible Interceptions”

Zach Wilson: Bad Read – Good Throw

This article deals with decisions made by Zach Wilson, which could be considered bad reads, but he still makes a great throw to compensate for it.  The title of it, and the fact that he does make bad reads here, does sound negative, but I see this as a positive quality to an extent.  ThereContinue reading “Zach Wilson: Bad Read – Good Throw”